Free Internet using VPN

Free internet

You can browse the internet with your modem having no credit or bundles, Very fast internet and is unlimited. It works quite fine and internet sharing is supported with maximum computers. The internet depends on the speed of the modem i.e. if the modem is 21Mbps that means the connection speed will be of that specific speed and so on.

The internet is portable so you can always move along with it in the pocket. It involves a very small software (less than 1MB) in other words it is a VPN service with different servers all over the world.

The internet is legal. It chooses some networks but hear in Kenya it works with Orange quite well. In the surrounding countries it works with the following mobile carriers










idea cellular

Am selling the software at a throw away price. Then payment is done monthly for your account to be renewed. One account can not be shared by two people (but internet sharing can be done). One account expires in 30 days, 3 months or 6 months depending on how you want to be subscribing. Money can be paid through mobile money, PayPal or any other local payment method that we will see convenient.

Trial version of the service is available at half price of which it is not reliable since it is very slow due to congestion of many users. There are only two trial servers world wide and 53 premium servers world wide, this shows the difference in speed of the different servers available.

Its very simple to connect and does not need any computer literacy for one to be able to use or connect it.


Price in Ksh is as follows, for people outside Kenya payment will be done according to the currency

One month Ksh 1500

Three months Ksh 3000

Six months Ksh 5500

Trial version is available at Ksh 700

For more information call +254701374705 or